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Barbecue Supplies from Schaumburg, Illinois

If you want the best in barbecue supplies, turn to Apache Supply in Schaumburg, Illinois, to get everything you need, from lump charcoal to EPA-certified lighter fluid.

Lump, Apache Supply, Schaumburg, IL

Briquets, Apache Supply, Schaumburg, IL

Split Firewood - Hickory Chips in Schaumburg, IL

The original charcoal source becomes trendy once again!  As the preferred charcoal of cook-off competitors and BBQ devotees, lump is the excellent choice for searing or slow-cooking meats to perfection.

Found everywhere from backyards to camp sites, the ever-popular charcoal briquet provides a consistent, long-lasting burn for an ideal outdoor grilling experience. Available in a variety of flavors to complement your unique barbeque style! Hickory Firewood, fresh split for all your smoking needs.

Woods, Apache Supply, Schaumburg, IL

Fuel, Apache Supply, Schaumburg, IL

Cooking Oils

For an extra burst of authentic smoky flavor, add some aromatic, flavored hardwoods while grilling.  Easy to use, all-natural woods will enhance the robust flavors of grilled meats and vegetables.

Kick start your grilling experience by using Frontier® fuels.

Vegetable shortening for all your frying needs. 

De-lcing, Apache Supply, Schaumburg, IL

De-Icing Products for your winter safety.

Lump Charcoal
Our lump charcoal is 100% natural, without chemicals or additives, and produces a hot fire and the best flavor. We offer premium and generic options in a variety of sizes, from 10 to 40 pounds.

Our premium and hickory briquets are available in 17-pound bags. The premium briquets are made from the finest hardwoods and deliver a distinct flavor, while our hickory briquets have an authentic smokehouse flavor.

Split Firewood in Hickory & Other varieties 
For your grilling pleasure, we have the finest hickory woods that are freshly cut and referred to as green wood so you have that wonderful hickory wood-smoked flavor. We sell by the face cord—a 4x8-foot stack of approximately 200 pieces. Smaller quantities are also available.  We can also provide other woods such as Cherry or Oak available on request, and we offer seasoned firewood for residential use.

Chips & Chunks
Choose from all-natural hickory, mesquite, apple, or cherry wood chips and chunks to add flavor to your food. Enjoy an extra kick of smoky flavor by adding these flavored hardwoods while grilling. The chips come in easy-to-handle 2.25-pound bags, and the chunks come in 10-pound bags.

Lighter Fluids
Our Frontier lighter fluid starts fast and burns clean. It is odorless, smokeless, EPA-certified, and SCAQMD-approved. Order your case of 12 32-ounce bottles.

Cooking Oils
Creamy Pure Vegetable Shortening is a very stable, pure vegetable liquid frying shortening, which retains its creamy texture at room temperature for easy handling.

De-Icing Products
We stock a couple of options for your winter de-icing needs. We have the standard rock salt, and a stronger “polar strength blend” which works better at lower temperatures, and lasts longer.





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